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Research & Development

Custom Solutions

AHS has total control of all material parameters that are critical to the production of high quality devices using its in-house facilities:

  • Wafer manufacturing

  • Device Design

  • Mass production


There are so many applications for the Hall effect sensor that it would be difficult to list them all here.

An exhaustive list would be: automotive, elevators, automated teller machines, equipment fans, vending machines, mail sorters, joysticks, door interlocks, disk drives, automatic door openers, cameras, copiers, sewing machines, washers, dryers...

AHS 2-DEG do not wear and are unaffected by dirt and other contaminants, allowing ease of use where optical sensing is not practical. The small size, durability, and low cost make the 2-DEG elements an ideal choice for difficult applications. Making the 2-DEG sensors ideally suited for very wide temperature range and extreme of temperatures applications (-200 to +200°C).

Our sensors are designed to meet the most rigorous requirements for accuracy, repeatability and high (low)-temperature capability for the harshest automotive applications as well as for the exotic cryogenic applications.

And in general the linear Hall sensors can be used for the same applications as the Hall Switches* and Hall Latches*. Providing more sophisticated switching electronics or analog data for:

  • Speed position

  • multiple air gap alarms

  • measuring position etc...


*In switching configurations (see graph), the voltage is amplified, then processed through a Schmitt trigger and an output transistor, which supplies an open-collector output that turns on and off at specific magnetic flux densities.

AHS devices can be assembled into a variety of standard or custom packages dependent upon customer requirements and volumes.

As a design house AHS prepares upon request custom elements (or wafers) with different tradeoffs between performances (Sensitivity, TC, Offset Voltage etc..).

Process Flow: 

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