Our Products

P2A Hall Sensor

rated at 160V/AT

P3A Hall Sensor

rated at 300V/AT

P15A Hall Sensor

rated at 850V/AT


All AHS magnetic sensor active materials are made from the III-V semiconducting compounds based on Gallium Arsenide (GaAs). Multilayer structures of these compounds are deposited to atomic layer precision using the sophisticated crystal growth technique of Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE).

This growth method also ensures thin films of the compounds show less than 0.5% variation in composition with doping profiles accurate to ppm levels. Uniformity & repeat-ability of this high performance device material is exceptional by any standards.


In addition to these reference level sensitivities, other key characteristics of AHS devices include extremely low Hall voltage temperature coefficients over a wide temperature range (-100°C to +180°C); and low power consumption.

Sensors may be supplied pre-packaged or as a wafer die. Dimensions of the two popular packaging formats displayed on this page are given on the data sheets but others may be available. Please contact us to discuss your requirement.


  • Position sensing elements for industrial encoders

  • Motor speed control

  • Current metering

  • Magnetic spatial imaging for medical / scientific instrumentation

  • Bank note validation

  • Mass Flow control