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Threat Detection and Identification using QWHE sensors

AHS has developed a miniaturised Intelligent magnetic Imaging device with the potential to revolutionise the speed and accuracy of high-resolution non-contact magnetic imaging of metallic threats. Our technology offers the advantages of metallic component X-ray imaging without the need for X-ray energy generation.


The innovation is based on a radically new sensor developed in house which offers high resolution and high throughput magnetic camera imaging in real world environments with low power consumption, which makes portable solutions viable. The initial application will be in threat detection applications as a portable handheld camera imager for screening and identification of metallic objects in personal body search. The new magnetic camera will enable users to identify the concealed metallic object and take decisions accordingly.

The AHS key breakthrough innovation is based on our bespoke Gallium Arsenide based Quantum Well Hall Effect (QWHE) technology that is >100x more sensitive than existing Silicon Hall sensor technology and has unprecedented large dynamic range making it ideal for imaging modalities.

Gun X-Ray & IMAGIN magnetic camera

It is key to unlocking multiple benefits for Threat Detection: nanoTesla sensitivities in an uncooled format, AC operation enabling 3D inspection, and minimal power consumption for portable implementation. The superior sensitivity enables visualisation of the geometrical characteristics of hidden metallic objects, determination of the type of metallic object (ferrous and non-ferrous), discrimination of metallic combinations, & 3D profiling of metallic objects.

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