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Connecting Dots

Li-Ion Battery Tasting

Li-Ion batteries dominate the energy storage in both portable and as fixed power installations in Electrical vehicles. Testing of these devices is by nature time consuming as they undergo charge and discharge cycles while the open circuit voltage is monitored as function of time, sometime taking up to 3 weeks for the process to qualify the batteries.


We address these issues by using advanced Quantum Well Hall Effect (QWHE) sensors as a novel solution to enable a new paradigm in high resolution mapping of the magnetic fields inside the battery. Any flaws will manifest as magnetic “hot spots” that can very quickly check the state of health of the battery and therefore potentially lead to substantial savings in the testing of the batteries by reducing test times from tens of days to less than day or hours for defective batteries as the flaws can be “caught” very early in the qualification process.   

The magnetic imaging of batteries is thus seen as critical for the structural health integrity and safety of these devices in a range of industries, from consumer electronics to electrical vehicles.

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