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Microstructural Analysis of Steel and Related Materials

Microstructural analysis of steel and related materials and the ability to image magnetic domain walls and grains (domain walls are released from microstructural obstacles such as dislocations, grain boundaries etc) is of great importance in a range of industries.


Bulk classical detection techniques used for this purpose do not have the resolution (both spatial and magnetic), to extract the wealth of data available and instead rely on expensive and time consuming and destructive techniques such as SEM or TEM of sectioned samples.

We address these issues by using advanced Quantum Well Hall Effect (QWHE) sensors as a novel solution to enable a new paradigm in high resolution microstructural analysis of materials on unprocessed samples and without the need for any surface preparation or sectioning.  

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Microstructural imaging and analysis is critical for the structural health integrity of safety critical metallic structures in a range of industries including aerospace, oil and gas, rail, power generation and pipe manufacturing.

Figure (a)


(a) Quantum Well Hall Effect X-Y Scanning NDT Tool

(b) Crack Detection Mode

(c) Microstructural Analysis

Potential Applications:

  • Non-destructive Microstructural Imaging for:


       Oil and gas




  • No surface preparation necessary


Figure (b)


Figure (c)

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