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Our Sensors

Our sensors have been developed over the past twenty years into rugged, reliable components. They operate the same as other Hall sensors, using the conventional Hall Effect to provide a point magnetic field (magnetic flux density) measurement from an analogue signal voltage.


To distinguish them from other Hall sensors, they are referred to as Quantum Well Hall Effect (QWHE) or Quantum Hall sensors due to their quantum well design to improve sensitivity and noise floor.

Key features

• High sensitivity and low noise floor

• Wide (linear) dynamic range

• Linearity to magnetic field strength and frequency

• Wide frequency operation

• Compact size

• Rugged to high temperature and radiation levels (-100 to +200 °C)

P2A Table.png

This is made possible from the use of modern semiconductor materials (Gallium arsenide); as well as state of the art design and advanced manufacturing processes (molecular beam epitaxy). Therefore, our sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications; and offer Services for bespoke sensors tailored to specific applications (integrated arrays, flux concentrators, integrated coils, specific sensor size, etc.).

Contact Us if you have an application in mind. We will provide design advice and best help you determine if our sensors are suitable.

Due to the unique performance of our sensors, they are versatile and suitable for various applications including (but not limited to):

Sensor Applications

Magnetic imaging.png

Magnetic Imaging

See Research for more information about how our sensors have been used for various magnetic imaging applications.

position encoding.jpg

Position and Speed encoding/monitoring

Our sensors are used by various large name manufacturers of position encoders, tachometers, condition monitoring systems, etc.

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We provide a versatile wide range sensor for high quality, low noise magnetometer systems.

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