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Electronic Circuit Board

NDT of Composites

Carbon fibre composites are used to make a multitude of components of different shape and sizes. Some of the composites are built to replace metal like for like while others have been designed to reach the maximum strength to weight ratios.


Since composites are replacing metal parts and creating new ones, they go through the same quality checks as metal components do. Tests like NDT screening to ensure that defect free parts are shipped are common practice.

In the case of NDT testing equipment the composite material requires different parameters and setup which could influence the size of the scanning head. Carbon fibre composite is not conductive like metals and makes the selection of NDT testing equipment restricted to X-ray. However, Eddy current and magnetic flux leakage systems are catching up.  To this effect, the AHS high sensitivity QWHE sensors are proving invaluable in picking up the tiny magnetic fields in the low conductivity composite material.  

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