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Our Services

Our team's experience allows us to provide services in a wide range of applications. Every step of the process can be customised according to your needs.


Semiconductor device design

We have extensive experience in the design and development of different semiconductor devices using cutting edge materials and techniques for enhanced performance.


We oversee the fabrication of devices on wafer via Molecular Beam Epitaxy; and manage a supply chain involving the world’s leading semiconductor fabricators in America, Europe and Asia.



We provide in-house processing to ensure device quality, consistency and discretion, as well as customer confidentiality and IP security.

Quality control

We provide world leading quality control during all stages of the design and manufacturing process. This includes automated and manual wafer mapping, device characterisation and measurement, as well as other processes enabled by Artificial Intelligence to ensure quality is upheld. As part of this we are ISO:9001 certified.



We are vertically integrated meaning that we are involved in every stage of the manufacturing process. As such, devices can be designed bespoke to specific customer requirements including:

• sensitivity / operational range

• flux concentrators

• integrated arrays

• integrated coils or other devices

• integrated circuits

Research and Development

We are actively involved in pushing the frontiers of various scientific and engineering applications. See Research.

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