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Advanced Hall Sensors (AHS)

AHS is a technological leader in the design, development, manufacture, and testing of two Dimensional Electron Gas (2DEG)-based, non-contact Hall-effect Sensors. These devices detect magnetic fields and are used for both movement and position sensing in many applications from industrial motors, to automotive and aerospace sensing.

AHS uses a proprietary manufacturing process technology called "2DEG", which enables the sensor to withstand extremes of temperatures (-200 to +2000C) with minimal power consumption and extremely high sensitivities

AHS Mission

Advanced Hall Sensors is dedicated to the design and manufacture of the highest performance Hall Effect sensors for a range of niche industrial markets at a price that is competitive in comparison with other premium performance Hall Sensor manufacturers in the market. The company's objective is to establish a strong market position in promising, high-growth semiconductor applications.

For further information or for a more detailed technical discussion please contact us.

Product design at AHS

Design and Manufacture of High Performance Hall Sensors

Hall Sensors are used to detect the presence of magnetic fields and to detect the position of any object that is attached to a fixed magnet. They are used in a wide variety of consumer electronics and industrial applications including automotive sensors, motors, microswitches, cameras, videos and fuel injection systems.

AHS is bringing to market Hall sensors based on "Two dimensional electron-gas (2-DEG)" thin film structures fabricated from III-V compounds and featuring superior properties to those of Silicon, GaAs, InAs or InSb Hall Effect devices and magnetoresistors. These adaptable magnetic sensors are specifically tailored by AHS to meet a range of bespoke and industrial requirements.AHS sensors exhibit higher performance than any other commercially available Hall Sensors.

The key advantages of the AHS range of products are:

  • High sensitivity (up to 1000 V/A/T)

  • Operation at extremes of temperature (-200C to +200C)

  • Low power dissipation = long lifetime and reliability

  • High linearity over a large dynamic range

  • Very high resolution

AHS sensors are the Hall Sensor of choice for high performance applications. AHS products are specifically tailored to industry and customer needs. AHS works closely with customers to specify the required characteristics of the sensor, and then designs the product around these requirements. The end results are sensors that offer higher sensitivities, lower system power consumption and higher temperature tolerances than any other commercially available Hall Sensors.

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